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Grand Finale Concert

Grand Finale 2024 Information
Video Announcement

The season concludes with a Grand Finale concert.  All of the elementary orchestra, band and select rock band students from the Mountain Vista feeder schools gather to perform together.  Each group plays several pieces and then all students perform two pieces together.  This concert is an opportunity to celebrate what the students have been learning during the year.   Below you will find the schedule and important information about this concert.


Date: TBD

Student Arrival Time: 4:45

Rehearsal: 5:00-6:15

Student Dinner Time: 6:15

Concert Time: 7:00 pm 

Concert Dress: 

End Time: 8:00 approximately 

Transportation: This is an after school activity and transportation is arranged by the parent.


What to bring:


Music stand (with student name attached)

Rock Stop (bass and cello students)

Rosin, shoulder rest, reeds etc.

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